The Future Post-Covid19

As the pandemic continues, the future, or at least possible futures, seem to change with every passing day. Many commentators have noted that at such a time we have the opportunity to choose how we progress. We can decide to return to normal or we can choose a new direction. We have a chance to address issues such as inequality and healthcare but we can also tackle the biggest crisis we are likely to face: climate change. 

One of the key themes that returns to the futurists almost every month, though it is never expressly spoken about, is that the future is always up for grabs. We are constantly shaping what tomorrow will look like, whether this is a conscious decision or not. This is why talking about the future is so important. From our vantage point, anything is possible. 

In this podcast, the futurists team, Ahmed, Hannah, Ian, Caroline and Georgia discuss these important questions. We debate the pros and cons of the new NHSX app for tracking and tracing. We talk about how different approaches could advance our progress against climate change. We talk about how the pandemic has exposed inequalities within society. 

While we might not reach any particular conclusions within this podcast, we do hope to raise some interesting questions. Conversations about the future often start with “what if?” 

So, with that, here it is:

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